Friday, 4 November 2011

Artists and Makers at Lewes Town Hall, Lewes, Sussex, 12th November 2011

I will be exhibiting at Lewes Town Hall, North street on 12 th November 2011 from 10am-5pm. Lampshades and bases, stock and seconds at great prices. It would be lovely to see you there.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Even more stripes...!

We love stripes and we can't get enough, diagonal stripes remind us of circus tents and barbers (red and white ones anyway)....New to is our new collection of shades in great two colour combinations.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Location long last

wide cylinder in bottle green/daffodil/sky with an extra large fifties base in wenge
With grateful thanks to Wendy Chapple, talented stylists and Lara Carter for her beautiful home crammed full of fabulous props, to be found at
medium drum in hot red with a medium bottle base in wenge

medium large bow shade in platinum with an old gold ribbon with a medium fifties base in wenge

extra large drum in neon pink/orange/raspberry

super cylinder in chocolate/lime/neon pink

extra large drum in old gold on extra large fifties wenge base

wide cylinder in soft green/beige/cream

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

'Turn me on'

'Turn me on' screen printed shade, extra large, diameter:35cm, height 35cm


'Turn me on' screen printed shade, medium, diameter:20cm, height: 35cm

Bringing a little 'tongue in cheek' humour to lighting
 These are the latest designs from the studio, a witty tongue in cheek shade featuring lacy lingerie casually shed and flung during a heady, passionate session of 'afternoon delight'. Working in collaboration with Wendy Chapple, talented screen printer and stylist we used the simple direct exposure method to print the trompe l'oeil lifesize bra, knickers and stockings from those upmarket purveyors of ladies undergarments, 'Agent Provocateur'.   Soon to be available on '' Please request alternative colours and sizes.
  View our new work and an interview on the  popular fashion blog

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Colourway

Our new shades are selling well on and now we can introduce a new colourway...This one is Chocolate/Lime/Neon Pink.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Spring clean

I was just tidying up the ribbons in the studio, they looked so pretty, I had to post them.

A Christmas tree with Paula Pryke

Paula Pryke, one of our finest and well known florists and I worked on this Christmas project  together for the Conran's 'Boundary' Hotel. This is the sample, unfortunately the project didn't go ahead, such a shame.  The top half is made from a specially made florists frame and woven satin ribbon.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Finally the new shades have arrived

Soft Green/Beige/Cream: Extra Large Drum, £65
Neon Pink/Orange/Raspberry: Extra Wide Cylinder, £85
The new shades are here, featuring wide striped petersham ribbon creating Missoni inspired colourways with neon pink and lime highlights.  Not yet showing on my website but available on, from £60.
Bottle Green/Daffodil/Sky: Wide Cylinder, £60

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

new work!

I received these beautiful multicoloured striped petersham ribbons today, all the way from Hong Kong. Watch this space for new products coming soon! 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Helpful Hints *1

If you want to buy the right sized shade for a base that you already have then follow these simple steps.
You will need:
*someone to help you.
*a piece of paper, a ruler, a pencil and a pair of scissors.

1. Simply cut out a piece of paper to the size of, for example, a medium drum, 15cm diameter by 15cm height.
2. Ask someone to hold the piece of paper over the base, lapping the fitting.
3. Stand back and see what you think!

4. Top heavy! The lamp will topple over too easily.

5.  Too tall! The lamp will also topple over.  This shade would suit a heavier base, eg a metal one, with a wider bottom.

Helpful Hint *2

Check your lampbase fitting suits our shades. Our standard fitting is British E14, that is the hole is 28mm across.  Shades with a 30cm diameter or larger have a European fitting E27, the hole is 54mm across.  We provide a reducer ring so that the shades fit British bases too(see left). The fitting is indented 3.5cm so will cover a lampholder on a lampbase that is 3.5cm deep.